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Bloomberg Interview: GigsRemote co-founder talks about the future of work

Plamen Tsekov, co-founder of GigsRemote shares insights about our platform, and freelance and remote work in the IT domain with Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Some of the topics covered in the interview:
  • How did GigsRemote start?
  • What were the challenges that COVID introduced in the IT market?
  • What is the model of the future of work? 
  • What is GigsRemote?
  • What are the trends in the Bulgarian and Global IT markets? 


- Traditional employment models don't work as well anymore. There is a growing gap between what people expect and what they actually get. From a financial perspective, as growth opportunities, or as the desired engagement model.

- The freelancer model provides more flexible work options. People are not concentrated in one location, in one city. In some cases, they can start working much faster.

- The office is no longer the primary place where the main work process is based - it is a place where people go to meet and socialize. 


Watch the interview here (in Bulgarian): 


If you are interested in hearing our perspective on flexible work models, schedule a meeting by clicking here. 062-time