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GigsRemote Shines as a Finalist for Forbes Business Awards Bulgaria - Startup of the Year

The Forbes Business Awards in Bulgaria is a renowned annual event that honors the most innovative and successful companies in multiple sectors. These awards showcase the best businesses in the country and bring attention to their accomplishments.

We made it to the finalist stage in the "Startup of the Year" category! Our team considers this an impressive achievement for the short period of operations in late 2022. We were competing with extremely innovative startups which have already been on the market for a couple of years, so this recognition is a great validation that we are working at the right pace and doing the right things. 

Being recognized so early in our journey helps us ignite even more the passion for bridging freelancers with their desired projects and helping companies build their dual employee strategy with a core IT team and freelancers. Our strive is to be amongst the leaders, cultivate a strong freelance community, and be an active participant in the human cloud. 

GigsRemote launched just a few months back in September 2022 and we quickly validated that remote IT gigs are desired by freelancers in Bulgaria and the region. Companies are looking for new ways to engage talent and the landscape in the past three years has dramatically changed. So we strongly believe in developing this niche and continue to strive for an excellent platform and service.

The recognition as a finalist for the Forbes Business Awards in Bulgaria in the "Startup of the Year" category underscores highlights the potential to continue to shape the remote work landscape. By connecting the local Eastern European talent globally. We are looking forward to breaking barriers and enabling freelancers to embrace the flexibility of remote work, all while supporting economic growth and job creation.

Congratulations to the team for this remarkable achievement!

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