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GigsTalk 3 - The Art of Successful Freelancing




We are in the middle of a perfect storm, where three strong streams bring their influence each. In one hand, the economic situation – continuous growth of raising interest rates, leading to higher inflation and limited access to free equity, delayed payments, frozen projects, layoffs and obviously recession is coming closer. In the other hand, we notice more and more people decide to work remotely after the pandemic, as this helps their wellbeing and better life quality. And finally, we see how big global companies want their people back to the office. So these three very strong streams, are pulling in different directions, and we are only about to find out which stream will win,” said our CEO, Plamen Tsekov, during his opening words on Gigs Talk 3, held in November. The event made an excellent closure to 2023, a turbulent year, in which our community grew quickly.

Jasmina Tal from the Talent team made a short presentation on The Art of Successful Freelancing, and Elena Tsoleva made a kickoff of our Ecosystem, sharing valuable information about special offers from our partners.

Watch full videos from the event and learn more about the amazing opportunities provided by Gigs Remote to its Community, as well as to hear shared experiences from our successful freelancers from the first hand.